About us

The South West Nuclear Hub provides a focus for civil nuclear research, innovation and skills in the South West of the UK, bringing together a strategic alliance of academic, industrial and governmental members.

A venn diagram illustrating the South West Nuclear Hub at the centre of Government, Academia and Industry.


The Hub brings together a unique pool of specialist talent and expertise that can be tapped into by industry; in turn industry helps us to ensure that our education and research stays at the cutting edge and has a positive impact on society.”

Professor Tom Scott, Co-Director of the South West Nuclear Hub


The South West Nuclear Hub is helping to realise the zero-carbon economy of the future. This alliance of academic, industrial and governmental institutions in the south west is pursuing research, innovation and skills in support of nuclear energy for electricity and other high-value products such as heat and Hydrogen.

A map of the South West of the UK with the locations of nuclear licensed sites, and major nuclear R&D and skills assets.
The South West nuclear landscape. Credit: Nuclear South West



The Hub’s objectives are to:

  • Consolidate an academic alliance that is nationally and internationally recognised for the quality and impact of its nuclear research, innovation and teaching.
  • Ensure recognition by government and industry that the South West is home to a globally competitive nuclear research and innovation ecosystem, catalysed by major nuclear projects.
  • Coordinate applied research outputs from Universities so that they form part of a complete regional technology development pipeline.
  • Ensure that the south west of the UK is an internationally recognised centre of skills provision in an area of strategic importance to the UK, with higher-level skills training undertaken by Universities in the Hub connected to vocational education through the National College for Nuclear.
  • Act as a single front door for the nuclear expertise in the region, complementing the Nuclear South West cluster.
  • Foster collaboration between the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute and the Hub as an internationally recognised vehicle for thought leadership on nuclear technology and its role in a zero-carbon future global economy.


The Hub strategy is based on four key pillars:

  • Research
  • Innovation
  • People
  • Engagement


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