Aims and objectives

Two researchers at workOur objectives include:

  • Providing a link between the Higher Education, Nuclear Industry and Government sectors
  • Creating a single door for the nuclear industry to access and form partnerships in academic research and teaching in the region
  • Joining capability, activity and resource
  • Fostering an integrated mixture of multidisciplinary students, staff and experts
  • Increasing the number and quality of people trained in nuclear energy and related fields
  • Increasing industrial investment in research and teaching
  • Shaping the direction of regional and national nuclear energy related research and teaching to ensure it best meets industry needs
  • Delivering highly skilled people ready for employment in the nuclear energy industry through tailored training programmes such as the MSc courses
  • Establishing a joint knowledge base between academia and industry
  • Facilitating the transfer of relevant skills and knowledge
  • Delivering innovative underpinning science, engineering solutions and technologies that have a positive impact on the economy and society by contributing to energy safety and security, particularly in the areas of decommissioning and waste management
  • Providing public benefit by supporting the safety and cost-effectiveness of nuclear energy operation, construction and legacy clean-up