Advanced Nuclear Technologies

The case for advanced nuclear technologies in the South West

The UK stands at the threshold of an unprecedented challenge, to comprehensively decarbonise energy supply by 2050, during which time demand for electricity is forecast to quadruple with the electrification of transportation and domestic heat.

Nuclear provides the largest single source of low-carbon energy in the UK.
Credit: NIA

By then all but one of the present fleet of nuclear power plants, which provide the largest share of the UK’s low carbon electricity, are expected to retire. New nuclear capacity, alongside all low carbon energy options, is urgently needed, not just to replace existing supply but to increase capacity to meet these ambitious and essential goals.

For the South West region, this is an equally unprecedented opportunity – to leverage the capability in nuclear energy and complimentary high value engineering industries to create a centre of nuclear innovation of global significance.

This centre will help create the new technologies that enable nuclear to make the maximum possible contribution. It could enable the region not only to become the first zero-carbon economy in the UK, but to become a net exporter of clean, affordable and secure energy.

We are developing a prospectus to outline the unique advantages offered by the South West region, a natural home for the UK’s next generation reactor programme. The region hosted one of the world’s first commercial nuclear fission power stations at Berkeley and remains uniquely prepared to deliver world first nuclear reactor projects such as small and advanced modular fission and fusion power plants.

The South West has a unique combination of infrastructure, workforce, knowledge supply chain, R&D capability, skills and sites that can support the deployment of advanced nuclear energy technologies.

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