Pioneers of in-situ small scale material testing Alemnis have joined The South West Nuclear Hub’s growing Innovation Network

Alemnis: Mechanical testing at the micro- and nano-scale

Switzerland-based material testing experts Alemnis are specialists in the development, manufacturing and integration of customised instruments and tools for nanomechanical and micromechanical testing. Alemnis solutions can be applied in a wide variety of testing domains, including high/low temperature and specific testing of radioactive materials in hot labs and other nuclear environments.

Speaking on joining the Hub as an Innovation Member, Dr. Nicholas Randall, Vice President at Alemnis said:

“We are very excited to join the Hub and interact with other members to further our understanding of nuclear materials and develop new techniques to characterise them. We hope that our extensive experience in radioactive sample manipulation and testing will contribute to achieving the zero-carbon economy of the future…”

Alemnis have created a modular micromechanical testing platform, the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA), which has proven uses and applications within the nuclear industry due to its proven tolerance for high levels of radiation. The range of applications of the ASA is wide, due to the potential for customised solutions for remote sample handling and instrument control. This also broadens the scope for collaboration, and builds on the extensive experience that Alemnis has gained from working with nuclear industry key players, including other Hub members, e.g. CEA, UKAEA, University of Oxford, NPL, etc.

Dr Peter Martin from the University of Bristol has commented on the new partnership:

“Alemnis are a global leader in micro- and nanomechanical property measurement instruments vital to supporting larger, macro-scale testing of materials across a range of applications and industries, including nuclear. We are very pleased to welcome Alemnis as members of the South West Nuclear Hub and look forward to working with them!”

South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Membership

Innovation Network membership is aimed at companies seeking to enter the nuclear technology development pipeline, e.g. offering knowledge transfer. Principally spin-outs, start-ups, SMEs and sector-jumpers.

There is no cost to join the Innovation Network, but proactive engagement is expected upon signing the agreement. Members in this tier can progress into the Applied Research membership category when collaborative projects and deeper engagement are initiated. Here, members can choose an incremental, (capped) project-based fee or an upfront flat rate.

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