BEP Inspiring Innovation in STEM Day!

Last week saw members of the Interface Analysis Centre (IAC) wow Bristol-based school children with the science of radiation and robotics!

The group ready to deliver their interactive activities!

The Bristol Education Partnership Inspiring Innovation in STEM day was an exciting opportunity for local schools to visit the University of Bristol, where research groups and STEM-based companies showcased their work and the challenges it addresses.

The Interface Analysis Centre (IAC) created and delivered a set of interactive activities to weave together key concepts in radiation, material and nuclear science and get the kids thinking about the existence, uses and challenges posed by radioactive materials in our day to day lives.

The stand, titled “Radiation Detectives” involved: learning more about background radiation and everyday sources; radiation mapping techniques using a home-made videogame (Radmappers, created by Sam Fearn); using a Kinova robotic arm to discuss sorting and segregating radioactive waste produced in the nuclear industry and the use of robotics in this space; and discussions around careers while having a go on remote control mini-robots!

The group were particularly excited to participate in the day following huge success at a similar event back in October: the Bristol Futures Science Festival! The group were specifically asked to replicate their efforts for this fantastic local event.

The team were exceptional and incredibly engaging – students were asking lots of questions and didn’t want to leave! A huge thank you to the OptiClean project who sponsored the stand, Hot Robotics for providing the Kinova arm, to the Bristol Education Partnership for putting together such an inspiring day, the children for being so polite an engaged and to the IAC team for being such incredible science communicators.

IAC contributors were: Hannah Tipping, Kieran Clarke, Sam Fearn, Dr Lottie Harding, Euan Connolly, Meg Hicks, Dr Mariia Zimina, Vidar Marsh and Alex Carpenter.

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