Bristol Academic Presents Fukushima Research at IMechE Technical Lecture

Dr Rob Malkin from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol presented at the IMechE Portsmouth & Isle of Wight AGM & Technical Lecture. 

The lecture, entitled 'Britain's New Nuclear programme - How Green an alternative?' took place on Wednesday 31st January at the University of Portsmouth.

Dr Rob Malkin, Senior Research Associate in Non-destructive Defect Characterisation, has been working on using acoustics and robots to investigate the internal conditions of the 3 nuclear reactors which suffered a meltdown in Fukushima in 2011.

His talk covered the background to the accident, the evolution of the meltdown and the current situation in Fukushima and Japan’s relationship with nuclear power.

Bristol Research in Fukushima

A number of academics in the University of Bristol nuclear community have conducted field research in Fukushima in recent months. Dr Malkin, alongside colleague Professor Bruce Drinkwater wrote up their account in Physics World.

Additionally, four members of the Interface Analysis Centre (IAC) visited the Fukushima Prefecture region of eastern Japan in November. Their account can be read on the Hub website.


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