Bristol Academics Showcase at IET EngTalks Event

A University of Bristol team showcase the ASPIRE Diamond Energy Materials project at IET London

The University of Bristol showcased its innovative diamond energy materials at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Engtalks event in London this week. The exhibiting team comprised of academics from the Schools of Physics and Chemistry.

ASPIRE Project

The EPSRC-funded ASPIRE project is based on using radioactive waste to generate power through diamond-based energy sources. It builds on the diamond battery innovation developed at the University that uses man-made diamonds to encase the radioactive material. The technology utilises the fundamental properties of diamond as a wide band-gap semiconductor material which is radiation tolerant.

The project led by Professor Tom Scott and Dr Neil Fox brings together a strong interdisciplinary team from across the University of Bristol, together with academic colleagues at the University of Oxford, as a joint Bristol-Oxford Nuclear Research Centre activity.

It also draws in partners at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute (KURRI) in Japan, for the purposes of device activation and deployment.

SMRs: Nuclear Fad or Nuclear Future?

On Monday 4th December the IET held their EngTalks: Future Energy event at Savoy Place, London. The speakers were John Molyneux, Director of Technology and Engineering at Rolls-Royce, and Dame Sue Ion, expert advisor to nuclear power industry.

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