University of Bristol and NNL renew strategic partnership

University of Bristol and the National Nuclear Laboratory have renewed their long-standing strategic partnership.

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), an associate member of the South West Nuclear Hub,  is a significant research partner for the University who collaborate on nationally important projects for the nuclear industry.

This is the latest step in a long relationship between the two organisations, that began with the Bristol-Oxford Nuclear Research Centre and continued with the establishment of the South West Nuclear Hub.

signing of the original Memorandum of Understanding took place on Monday 7th December 2015 that has since facilitated the growth and development of the UK’s technical nuclear energy capability, through strong research and skills investment.

Speaking about this partnership, Jamie Townes,Industrial Engagement Manager of the South West Nuclear Hub said: "Nuclear research is a highly interdisciplinary field, aimed at a wide array of challenges and opportunities facing the sector. This partnership helps our two organisations work together, to maximise the potential of a powerful network of world-leading scientists and engineers”.

Further information

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) plays a key role in the UK and global nuclear industry. That means reducing the cost of clean-up and decommissioning, maintaining critical skills and attracting talented new people to the industry.

Since 2008, the NNL has been providing independent advice to the UK Government and working with other National Laboratories around the world, as well as delivering a full range of research and technology to support the nuclear fuel cycle.


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