Bristol University Students Recognised for Superior Research Papers at WM Symposium

Two PhD students from the School of Physics at the University of Bristol have received "Superior Paper” recognition for their research papers submitted at the  Waste Management Symposium (WMS) 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this year.

Dean Connor and Chiara Giroletti from the Interface Analysis Centre received the award for their papers relating to UAVs and nuclear fingerprinting respectively.

Superior Papers at Waste Management Symposium 2018

WMS established the “Superior Paper” recognition at WM2015 with the objective to recognise authors and co-authors for distinguished contributions to the advancement of radioactive waste and radioactive material management. The superior level rating is based on the paper review judging criteria. Qualifying papers are judged to have demonstrated superb knowledge and understanding, and to lay the foundation for future waste management endeavours.

The details of the papers are:

Dean Connor

Paper # 18352 “The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Rapid and Repeatable 3D Radiological Site Characterization” presented in Session # 111 Robotics: Modifications to COTS Systems - ROVs (Marine, Land, Air, Etc.), UAVS, Etc. (9/11).

Other authors on this paper were: Dr Peter Martin, Dr Chris Hutson, Dr Huw Pullin, Professor Nick Smith and Professor Tom Scott.

Chiara Giroletti

Paper # 18083 “A Novel, Fast Readout, Gamma Detector System for Nuclear Fingerprinting” presented in Session # 141 Radiological Dispersion Devices and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Detection, Response, and Recovery.

Other authors on this paper were Dr Jaap Velthuis and Professor Tom Scott.

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