Dr Tom Scott wins UKSAF Vickerman Prize

Dr Tom Scott, Director of the Interface Analysis Centre, has been awarded the Vickerman Prize 2015.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The award, from the UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF), is presented to researchers whose work is anticipated to have a major impact in the field of surface analysis. It is intended as a recognition of high-quality independent research at an early career stage.

Since 2005, Dr Scott and his team have examined the potential use of iron nanoparticles for the environmental remediation of contaminants. Current research focuses on the development of nano-composite materials for applications including industrial waste water treatment, radionuclide processing, biocompatible implant surfaces and antibacterial coatings.

Further research, funding from multiple sources including CERN, EDF Energy, EPSRC and NATO, investigates the structure, corrosion and ageing behaviour of nuclear materials, including uranium, cerium, iron and associated alloys.

Dr Scott is also Reader in Materials Science, Director of the Bristol-Oxford Nuclear Research Centre (NRC), and Business Fellow for the Faculty of Science.

The award is named after Emeritus Professor John Vickerman, in recognition of his pioneering work in secondary ion mass spectrometry and his leading role in UK surface and interface science.


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