Significant new fusion research paper on chemistry and corrosion published

A new paper, entitled Chemistry and Corrosion Research and Development for the Water Cooling Circuits of European DEMO, has been published as a result of long-term research collaboration to support the development of nuclear fusion as a viable energy source of the future.

This research has been led by the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) and is co-authored by Hub members the National Nuclear Laboratory and the University of Bristol. It also involves European partners Studsvik Nuclear AB and RINA Consulting, reflecting the continent-wide effort that is working on the fusion programme.


The main findings and outcomes of the paper have been summarised as:

• A working water chemistry specification has been defined for the WCLL blanket.
• Tests are being undertaken to expand the Eurofer-97/water corrosion database.
• A test rig to investigate flow-accelerated corrosion of CuCrZr pipe has been set up.
• Industry support has been utilised to exploit synergies with fission.

Read the research paper

The paper, published in Fusion Engineering and Design Vol 146  Part A, is available to view via the button below.

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Main image credit: EUROfusion

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