FY2016 Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Call for Postdoctoral Researchers

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) are now recruiting postdoctoral researchers from the following fields:

-Computational science
-Advanced science research
-Nuclear science and engineering
-Nuclear safety research
-Quantum beam science
-Fusion research and development
-Advanced nuclear system research and development
-Geological isolation research and development
-Other related research fields

Approx. 25 positions available

Contract term: April 1 2016 to March 31 2017

Employment contract can be extended up to a total duration of three years, depending upon an annual review of the applicant's research progress.

Salary: 450,000 JPY/month plus benefits

Application Deadline: 24th July 2015

For more information please click on the link below:

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