Hinkley Point C hitting socio-economic targets to boost the South West region

EDF Energy have released a new report highlighting the wider benefits of the Hinkley Point C project being delivered to the South West and the rest of the UK. Aside from the positive progress being made on the construction project, targets are being met for employment, training, skills and educational opportunities both for the local area and the whole UK.

Key highlights

The headline figures of the report show that:

  • c.£1bn have been spent with companies in the South West
  • 6,500 jobs have been created
  • £9.4m delivered to local community projects
  • 378 apprenticeships have been created

Stuart Crooks, Managing Director, Hinkley Point C, said; “Our teams are making great progress on-site, but this report shows we are also delivering on our ambition to make a lasting difference to people, skills and the regional economy. We are providing opportunities for people to develop their talents and build lasting careers”

2019 socio-economic report

You can view the full report from EDF Energy here:

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