Hub network support fight against Coronavirus

Several members and collaborators in the South West Nuclear Hub network have been contributing to the fight against coronavirus. Supplies of PPE and other equipment have been donated in local areas, whilst the nuclear industry continues to generate energy and maintain critical infrastructure.

PPE and supplies production

The University of Plymouth is part of a consortium manufacturing 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers, the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is part of the Ventilator Challenge programme and the University of Southampton is launching covid-19 vaccine trials.

The School of Nuclear Science and Technology at the University of South China kindly donated significant amounts of disposable medical masks and KN95 masks to the University of Bristol. The University has been producing World Health Organisation hand sanitiser for key workers in Bristol, as well as initiating research into vaccines.

 Bristol Nightingale hospital

At the University of the West of England, the Exhibition and Conference Centre has been transformed into the region's Nightingale hospital.

In addition, at the beginning of the UK lockdown, University of Bristol spinout company Veqter donated 1000 pairs of protective gloves to the Avon and Somerset Police.

Maintaining essential work and power generation

Construction work at Hinkley Point C is continuing, with social distancing and other protective measures put in place for workers.

Furthermore, energy generation continues at Hinkley Point B and other nuclear power stations around the UK, operated by Hub members EDF. You can watch a BBC news item featuring Sizewell B station via the link below.

Elsewhere, Cavendish Nuclear are ensuring that radiological protection services are still being supplied to sites such as Sellafield to allow to safe operation of critical operations.  These services include area radiometric instruments, such as activity in air monitors, gamma monitors. as well as health physics instruments used for dose rate and contamination surveys and checks.

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