Investment in New Equipment for Materials Research

As part of recent investment in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bristol, the Solid Mechanics Research Group (SMRG) has been awarded funding for new equipment to carry out advanced mechanical testing and high temperature measurements.

This equipment will be used for experimental research programmes on structural integrity and materials characterisation for industrial applications. SMRG has many years of experience in this area, including a long-standing relationship with EDF Energy.

SMRG already operates two laboratories for mechanical testing and high temperature experiments in the UoB Queen’s Building (School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering); the additional equipment will enable SMRG to seek new research opportunities. SMRG’s contribution to structural integrity research has included work which has been important to EDF Energy for supporting their UK fleet of Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors.

Professor David Knowles, Engineering Director of the South West Nuclear Hub, and Head of SMRG:

“We are delighted that SMRG has been awarded this funding for new equipment. Our group has an excellent track record of research in structural integrity, particularly for the nuclear industry. This includes our ‘High Temperature Centre’ research programme partnership with EDF Energy, which has been running successfully since 2008.

Our work with EDF will continue in the coming years; but we are also moving into new technology areas, particularly with regards to advanced nuclear energy systems. Advanced modular reactors, Generation IV and nuclear fusion systems present significant challenges associated with structural materials operating in challenging environments; experimental research is vital to support the design and operation of these systems. Our new equipment will help us to become more involved in these areas and to develop further industrial and academic partnerships.”

Solid Mechanics Research Group

You can read more about the Solid Mechanics Research Group, part of the Faculty of Engineering here:

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