Latest Nuclear Research Publications & Awards

The South West Nuclear Hub brings together a network of multi-disciplinary academics spanning numerous departments including Physics, Engineering and Earth Sciences. Here are the latest research papers published by this community.

University of Bristol Research Publications

Book Contributions

  • Fallon, EK, Niehorster, E, Brooker, RA & Scott, TB, 2018, ‘Experimental leaching of massive sulphide from TAG active hydrothermal mound and implications for seafloor mining’. In Marine Pollution Bulletin, vol 126., pp. 501-515
  • Tesh, S. J., Pullin,H. and Scott, T.B. 2018,  'Nano Zerovalent Iron (nZVI) Particle Composites for Water Treatment: An Overview' In 'Iron Nanomaterials for Water and Soil Treatment'. Edited by  Litter, M.I., Quici, N.,  Meichtry, M.

Find all research outputs from the University of Bristol here:

Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Bristol Robotics Laboratory is a joint collaboaration between the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.

It contributes to the development of the global robotics community by publishing its research in international conferences and journals. The publications aim to further the advanced field of robotics and promote inter-disciplinary collaboration. Discover the latest publications here:

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Research Grants

Professor Peter Flewitt has received an EPSRC grant conjoint with Professor John Bouchard (Open University) and Alan Cocks (Engineering Science, Oxford) to address Physics and mechanics of creep cavity nucleation and sintering in Energy Materials. This was a bid as a result of the Bristol - Oxford Nuclear Research Centre and also links with Professor SuJun Wu at Beihang University, China .

Research Awards

Galloway Award - Stacy Moore

PhD student Stacy Moore from the Interface Analysis Centre has been award the Galloway Award from the Institute of Corrosion for "outstanding research by a student in corrosion science or engineering".

Her research involves using High Speed-Atomic Force Microsopy (HS-AFM) to observe nanoscale corrosion initiation events. In particular, SCC initiation occurring on the surface of metals, primarily stainless steels, which are under stress and within corrosive conditions.

Superior Papers at Waste Management Symposium 2018

PhD students Dean Connor and Chiara Giroletti from the Interface Analysis Centre have received "Superior Paper” recognition for their research papers submitted at the Waste Management Symposium (WMS) 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this year.

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