Latest Nuclear Research Publications From the University of Bristol

The South West Nuclear Hub brings together a network of multi-disciplinary academics spanning numerous departments including Physics, Engineering and Earth Sciences. Here are the latest research papers published by this community.

Research Publications

Research Grants

  • MAINTAiN, Multi-scAle INTegrity assessment for Advanced high-temperature Nuclear systems, funded by EPSRC. Solid Mechanics Research Group (SMRG) will lead this project, working with Universities of Oxford, Liverpool, and Manchester and a number of industrial partners notably, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, EDF Energy, Wood, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Improved Understanding and Modelling of Advanced Joining Technologies. SMRG will be a partner of Frazer-Nash Consultancy on behalf of Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).
  • ICON (Intelligent Control for efficient Nuclear applications), funded by Innovate UK. Dr Guido Herrmann from the Department of Mechanical Engineering is the project lead, working with industrial partners Moltex Energy and Altran to design a wireless nuclear control system.

Research Dissemination

Philip Thomas, Professor of Risk Management, recently gave a presentation to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency showcasing his pioneering J-Value method for balancing the cost of a safety measure against the increase in life expectancy it achieves.

This research was released in November 2017 in Management of Nuclear Risk Issues: Environmental, Financial and Safety (NREFS) and is also being pursued for practical application by the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety in France, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UK Health and Safety Executive.

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