Latest Nuclear Research Publications & Awards

The South West Nuclear Hub brings together a network of multi-disciplinary academics spanning numerous universities and departments. Here are some of the latest research papers published by this community.


Dr Sophie Rennie of the School of Physics at the University of Bristol recently won an award whilst at a meeting of the DISTINCTIVE research programme for uranium thin folms research.

Fylde Prize for Best Paper

Research work performed using the UK’s Synchrotron, Diamond Light Source, has won the prestigious Fylde Prize from the British Society for Strain Measurement (BSSM). The prize, sponsored by Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd, is awarded to the Best Paper published in 2017 in the Journal Strain.   One of the co-authors is Dr Mahmoud Mostafavi, MSc course Director and Reader in structural integrity at the University of Bristol. Read more.

University of Bristol Research Publications

Find all research outputs from the University of Bristol here:

University of the West of England Research Publications

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Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is a joint collaboaration between the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.

It contributes to the development of the global robotics community by publishing its research in international conferences and journals. The publications aim to further the advanced field of robotics and promote inter-disciplinary collaboration. Discover the latest publications here:

Find all research outputs from BRL here:


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