Visiting Professor Lyndon Edwards joins University of Bristol

The South West Nuclear Hub is delighted to welcome Professor Lyndon Edwards as a Visiting Professor to the University of Bristol.

Professor Edwards is National Director, Australian Generation IV Research and also represents Australia at the Generation IV Forum (GIF). He has a long-standing international reputation in the materials engineering of nuclear, aerospace and defence related systems.

His research interests focus on the structural integrity of nuclear power generation plant, advanced aircraft structures, and defence platforms. He is internationally recognised as an expert on residual stress and one of the leading proponents of engineering stress measurement using neutron diffraction.

Professor Edwards was formerly Head of the Institute of Materials Engineering at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), overseeing research into diverse nuclear technologies for almost ten years.

Whilst at the University of Bristol, Professor Edwards will be hosted by the South West Nuclear Hub, working closely with the Solid Mechanics Research Group and Interface Analysis Centre in the Faculties of Engineering and Physics.

Professor Mahmoud Mostafavi, Professor of Structural Integrity, said: “I am excited that such an internationally-recognised expert on structural integrity and residual stress will be collaborating with us. We hope to expand our interaction with Gen IV forum through collaborating with Professor Edwards. In particular, our expertise in the field of high temperature engineering is a unique UK capability on which many Gen IV designs rely.”

Speaking about his appointment, Professor Edwards said: “I am delighted to work with the South West Nuclear Hub at the University of Bristol and look forward to forging new collaborative projects focussed on the development and deployment of advanced nuclear technologies, and Gen IV reactors in particular.”

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