MSc Students Complete Exchange With Materials Ageing Institute

Two students from the South West Nuclear Hub undertook a week-long exchange at the Material Ageing Institute, EDF Lab Les Renardières, Paris.

MSc Nuclear Science and Engineering students Rachael Matthews and Tianyi Li undertook an exchange with the Material Ageing Institute (MAI) at the end of January. Here are their accounts of their time in France.

Tianyi Li

The Programme and Topics Covered

"13 students (including 11 INP Grenoble students) attended software practices, lab visits and presentations of various topics around nuclear power plants (NPP). From Non-Destructive Testing and Inspections, civil concrete constructions, chemistry corrosion and radiolysis, mechanical and thermal fatigue and maintenance of NPPs, I gained insights to the French nuclear sector. Thus, by comparing with the UK nuclear industry, I had a better understanding and appreciation of the wider context of nuclear".

I applied for this opportunity because I thought it would provide a great opportunity to network and to further develop my commercial awareness.

Travel and Accommodation

"I am very grateful that the flights, accommodation, and even my Schengen Visa are paid by the University of Bristol. The hotel I stayed in was quiet and breakfasts were covered.

The surrounding area was a nice little town outside of Paris, not far away from EDF Lab Les Renardières, which is where MAI is based at".

Benefits for Future Study

"From this week, I further developed my commercial awareness into the nuclear energy sector. In addition, as a consequence, I am motivated to learn French as my third language, because I realised how important the role France plays is in the international nuclear sector.

I would recommend this opportunity to future students; at the end of the day, if nothing was taken away, the experiences are valuable. There is nothing to lose in my opinion".

The Materials Ageing Institute


The South West Nuclear Hub and the EDF Materials Ageing Institute in Paris have a training agreement whereby two or more students have the opportunity to go to the MAI for a week to receive high-end nuclear training.

More information on this agreement can be found here: 

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