National Centre for Nuclear Robotics Launch Workshop

The National Centre for Nuclear Robotics held its first collaboration workshop event at the University of Birmingham on Wednesday 17th January.

The lead partner of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR), the University of Birmingham, hosted academic, industry and professional partners in a workshop to mark the launch of the Centre.

The NCNR is a major Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded research hub, one of four set up in late 2017. It aims to develop advanced robotics and AI technologies for nuclear industry applications. These are required to help deal with nuclear waste, and alleviate the need to send humans into hazardous environments.

University of Bristol Participation

The University of Bristol is one of eight universities involved in NCNR and seven academics from the Faculties of Science and Engineering are co-investigators on the project. Further details on the funding award can be found on the University of Bristol press release.

Bristol was represented at this event by:

  • Professor Tom Scott (Nuclear Hub Co-Director)
  • Professor David Knowles (Nuclear Hub Co-Director)
  • Dr Tom Richardson (Aerospace Engineering)
  • Dr Guido Herrmann (Mechanical Engineering)

One of the industrial partners to this project is ImiTec Ltd, a University spin-out company set up in 2014 that develops radiation mapping methods and systems.

National Centre for Nuclear Robotics

The National Centre for Nuclear Robotics is an EPSRC-funded venture between academia and industry. Full details of the grant can be found on the EPSRC website. The University of Birmingham is the lead academic institution.

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