NIA International Group Meeting Held in Bristol

The University of Bristol's Faculty of Engineering played host to the Nuclear Industry Association and its International Group on Wednesday 11th July.

The theme of the conference was France and China, with a focus on practical innovation and business. Alongside the speaking agenda there was an exhibition of innovative technologies from both academia and industry.

International Agenda

The conference presented a very diverse agenda with speakers from many of the largest organisations in the nuclear industry. To reflect the theme speakers were invited from Framatome, EDF Energy, Efinor Ltd and CGN UK amongst many other organisations.

Exhibition of Innovation

A select group of organisations exhibited at this event. There were demonstrations of VR and visualisation equipment from Atkins, who allowed delegates to transport themselves to Dungeness power station, and CFMS who showed their AI inspection and simulation technology capabilities being applied to nuclear from the aeronautical and automotive industries.

There was also ultrasonic detection technology from Inductosense, developed by researchers at the University of Bristol. Further exhibitions included Arc Energy, Bristol Aero and the University of Southampton (showcasing Raddec and GAU Radioanalytical).


Innovation and teaching

The afternoon session also included talks from academic institutions, from Professor Tom Scott, Co-Director of the South West Nuclear Hub and Stefan Ceccini from the National College for Nuclear Southern Hub.

Professor Scott introduced the 'dragon egg project', which involved mapping a live volcano in Italy with drones, as well the Hub's activities and plans for innovation to reduce waste and decommissioning costs, centred around the NUCLEATE project.

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