Nuclear Institute Host Innovation and Integration Conference in Bristol

The University of Bristol recently hosted another high-profile conference, building on the success of the NIA International Group Meeting in July.  The topic of security was on the agenda as the Nuclear Institute assembled around 90 civil and defence professionals to discuss the key themes of innovation and integration.

There was also a small exhibition with companies including Cavendish Nuclear, Gravicus, Nuvia and Nuclear Security Assurance Model.


This event is part of a season of nuclear conferences taking place in Bristol over the autumn, which includes the upcoming Nuclear South West/South West Nuclear Hub Annual Conference and the Colston Research Society Symposium.

Following the opening proceedings, Hub Co-Director Professor Tom Scott introduced some examples of academic innovation, such as the "dragon egg" sensor pods xthat have been place don an active volcano,  and the significant ongoing research in Fukushima.

Diverse Topics Covered in Panel Sessions

The conference then continued, structured around panel sessions chaired by senior industry figures. There was a wide range of topics covered, going from orthodox physical security  matters, cyber security to innovation in Personnel Security, focusing on individual workers.

This conference brought together perspectives from both the civil and defence nuclear sectors, allowing best practices to be shared and integrated, in keeping with the conference themes of innovation and integration.


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