Professor Tom Scott presents Adventures in Atomic Energy with Robots and Radiation

On Wednesday 7th March Professor Tom Scott gave his Inaugural Lecture at the University of Bristol, with the help of superheroes and radioactive rocks.

Co-Director of the South West Nuclear Hub, Professor Tom Scott, gave his Inaugural Lecture to mark the award of his professorial Chair in Materials. Professor Scott took the audience on a journey covering his 16 years of research into radioactive materials.  This covered his fascination with Uranium, his work in Fukushima and the use of robotics in nuclear waste management.

Virtual Fieldtrips

The lecture also included three virtual fieldtrips, the highlight being a real-time radiation mapping exercise of the University of Bristol campus. This helped to demonstrate that there is non-harmful radiation around us all the time.


Project Ironman

This lecture also marked the first public appearance of the 'nuclear ironman' suit. It is intended as focal engagement point for nuclear robotics and to explore how humans could be protected and equipped to work with radioactive materials.

Watch the Lecture

If you were unable to attend or watch live, the recording of the lecture is available on YouTube:

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