Assessment of Sorbent Materials for the Remediation of Radionuclide Contaminated Groundwater

Research Area: Nuclear Hazards and Risks
Researcher: GAU-Radioanalytical, University of Southampton
Partners: National Nuclear Laboratory
Funders: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Bursary


The Challenge

Decades of leaks have contaminated parts of the Separation Area at Sellafield with a mixture of anthropogenic radionuclides. The more mobile of these radionuclides (HTO, Sr and Tc) have polluted the groundwater aquifer under the site and are migrating towards the Irish Sea.

In many non-nuclear sites in-situ sorbent materials in the form of permeable reactive barriers have been successfully used to treat polluted groundwater. These barriers provide an engineered zone that immobilises contaminants from groundwater flowing through it.

The Solution

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