University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is the physical home of the South West Nuclear Hub. The Hub is a multidisciplinary venture and sits between the Faculties of Engineering and Science.

The nuclear research at Bristol is structured under the following themes, which are led by the corresponding academics:

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Monitoring New Materials Development Nuclear Hazards and Risks
Nuclear Materials and Modelling Robotics Systems Reliability
Structural Engineering Structural Integrity Waste and Fuel Management
Digital Innovation


Materials Analysis Portal

The University of Bristol is also home to the Materials Analysis Portal, a single point of contact for companies wishing to access cutting-edge materials research and analytical resources, as well as access to experts and equipment.

This service draws upon the expertise of the renowned Interface Analysis Centre. The group is a cutting-edge multidisciplinary research hub and works on a range of materials science based problems focused on real-world problem-driven applications.

More information on the facilities and and resources available can be found here:


Solid Mechanics Research Group

The Solid Mechanics Research Group (SMRG) at the University of Bristol has a successful history of using applied mechanics and cutting-edge technology to help define and solve industrially-motivated problems.

Based in the School of Civil, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, SMRG has established close and productive partnerships with a range of companies in the energy, transport and manufacturing sectors, with much focus on civil nuclear and other safety-critical industries in recent years.

Find out more about SMRG's activities in their brochure:

SMRG Brochure

Research Networks

Cabot Institute

The Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol carries out fundamental and responsive research on risks and uncertainty in a changing environment.

One of its six core theme is Low Carbon Energy, under which the South West Nuclear Hub sits.

Their aim is to engage wider society by listening to, exploring with, and challenging their stakeholders to develop a shared response to 21st Century challenges.


The University of Bristol is also part of the GW4 initiative, which brings together the Universities of Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Exeter to collaborate through their research to address the key global challenges for the benefit of society and the economy.

The collaborative strength of the GW4 gives a new and competitive edge not only in the UK, but internationally. With a combined turnover well in excess of £1bn, GW4 has a research power of significant scale. Building on existing collaborations, the Universities work together across all academic activity, opening up more opportunities to collaborate in common areas of shared facilities, learning, training, development and other resources.