Round Britain Climate Challenge visits Hinkley Point C

Hub co-Director Professor Tom Scott helped welcome Sacha Dench to Hinkley Point C as part of a 3000 mile Round Britain Climate Challenge ahead of the COP26 climate summit in November. 

Sacha Dench's second EDF stop on her epic circumnavigation of mainland Britain took her to Hinkley Point C where she learnt all about Europe’s largest construction site and checked in on the abundant coastal wildlife.

During the visit, Sacha climbed the 16-metre high turbine generator columns that will become the powerhouse of the station, supporting the massive weight of the largest turbine generator in the world. From this premium vantage point Sacha was able to look over to the Nuclear Island where construction for reactor Unit 1 is progressing well.

Professor Tom Scott of the University of Bristol said: "I always enjoy coming to visit Hinkley Point C. My research is based on radioactive material, so I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk scientist to scientist with Sacha against the backdrop of the first nuclear power station in this country in a generation.” ​​​​​​​

Commenting on her visit, Sacha said: “What’s been really interesting about my visit to Hinkley Point C today has been getting behind the scenes of a nuclear power station to try and understand exactly how they work, speaking to the experts, asking questions and understanding more about the role of nuclear in a low-carbon energy future.” 

Round Britain Climate Challenge

As the UK’s largest provider of zero carbon electricity, EDF is proud to be supporting the UN Ambassador Sacha Dench’s expedition which is being carried out to draw attention to climate issues. This ground-breaking journey of more than 3,000 miles will see Sacha travel anti-clockwise around Britain, starting and ending in Glasgow.

It has been designed to inspire and excite the nation to get involved in tackling the climate crisis in the run up to COP26. Sacha is both an adventurer and a conservationist rolled into one. On her exciting Round Britain Climate Challenge, not only is she attempting to break two Guinness World Records, she’s also hoping to meet inspirational people, companies and organisations that are passionate about tackling climate change. 

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