Sensor Driven join Hub Innovation Network

The South West Nuclear Hub is pleased to welcome Sensor Driven as the latest member of its Innovation Network.

Sensor Driven was formed in 2017 to commercialise novel, patented, ultra-low power detector technology, developed at the University of Bristol. The company's mission is to protect critical infrastructure in extreme environments using ultra long-life sensors. 

Sensor Driven holds several patents for its technology in both the UK and USA and is currently developing solutions for nuclear waste monitoring applications.

For example, they have successfully demonstrated a prototype sensor system for UK nuclear operator, Sellafield Ltd, to monitor containment canisters used for long-term storage.

The radiation tolerant system lasts 30 years on a single coin cell battery, recording the temperature and pressure of canisters and wirelessly relaying any changes to operators without the need for manual intervention in harsh environments.

Lynne Stark, Operations Director of Sensor Driven commented:

"We are delighted to join the South West Nuclear Hub. It represents a great opportunity to collaborate with the key academic and industry players operating in this sector, sharing insights and innovation to benefit all parties."

South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network Membership

Innovation Network membership is aimed at companies seeking to enter the nuclear technology development pipeline, e.g. offering knowledge transfer. Principally spin-outs, start-ups, SMEs and sector-jumpers.

There is no cost to join the Innovation Network, but proactive engagement is expected upon signing the agreement. Members in this tier can progress into the Applied Research membership category when collaborative projects and deeper engagement are initiated. Here, members can choose an incremental, (capped) project-based fee or an upfront flat rate.

Find out more on our Membership page or view the Innovation Network Brochure

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