Symetrica joins Hub Innovation Network

Symetrica Security Ltd. have become the latest member of the South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network.

Symetrica Security Ltd. have become the latest member of the South-West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network.

Symetrica is a specialist radiation detector manufacturer & integrated solution provider. It has dedicated, specialist staff and manufacturing plants in Westford, Massachusetts (USA) and Southampton in the UK for the design, manufacture and support of our product range.

For over 20 years, Symetrica has focused on making the best radiation detection equipment. As a specialist radiation detector manufacturer, its solutions detect threats and solve daily challenges – including civil nuclear security exit screening and the integration of x-ray and radiation detection data into a secure common operating picture in a single window for Customs Organisations.

Dr Geraint Dermody of Symetrica said:

"Symetrica is excited to be joining the South West Nuclear Hub. In order to develop market relevant nuclear technology products, we need the strategic alliances with academic, industrial and governmental partners in this innovation network offers".

Find out more about Symetrica's work in the nuclear industry here.

South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network Membership

Innovation Network membership is aimed at companies seeking to enter the nuclear technology development pipeline, e.g. offering knowledge transfer. Principally spin-outs, start-ups, SMEs and sector-jumpers.

There is no cost to join the Innovation Network, but proactive engagement is expected upon signing the agreement. Members in this tier can progress into the Applied Research membership category when collaborative projects and deeper engagement are initiated. Here, members can choose an incremental, (capped) project-based fee or an upfront flat rate.

Find out more on our Membership page or view the Innovation Network Brochure

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