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Women in Nuclear: Unconscious Exclusion to Unconscious Inclusion

UNCONSCIOUS EXCLUSION TO UNCONSCIOUS INCLUSION: Why we exclude but don’t know it, and how to change

Leadership is by its very nature inclusive, a leaders role is to enrol and mobilise others in service of specific goals and outcomes. However, even when we are committed to doing our best and leading well, in the unconscious we are wired to be exclusive under the smallest amounts of pressure or threat to our own state.

To become more inclusive more of the time, we need to understand these unconscious processes that trigger exclusive behaviour in us, why they do this and how they show up.

The more aware we are of our own behaviour the more choice we then have to be skilfully and naturally inclusive, regardless of the circumstances. This learning also helps us help others to be more inclusive.

This event is free for WiN UK Members and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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