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Geological disposal – the solution for the UK’s radioactive waste

You are invited to join the Institute of Physics Nuclear Industry Group and Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) at the stunning Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

The evening will start at 5:30pm with a talk by Andrew Parkes, geologist and Head of Site Characterisation at RWM, with opportunities for questions. This talk will discuss how the UK plans to manage and dispose its higher activity radioactive waste covering everything from the challenge of the waste itself, through to the scientific basis for geological disposal and how RWM will work in partnership with interested communities to find a suitable site. The talk will delve into how geophysical techniques will help us understand the geology of potential sites for the facility and also the role that ancient artefacts have in building our confidence in the geological disposal approach.

The presentation will be followed by a drinks and a buffet supper at 7pm-8pm, served in the Ashmolean Main Atrium – a fitting backdrop of archaeological evidence for the longevity of materials and messages. You will also have the opportunity to explore other galleries within the museum which will remain open to us for a private viewing until 8:30pm.


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