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Nuclear safety analysis tool applied to Covid-19 lockdown scenarios

New analysis from the University of Bristol has evaluated options available to national governments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic using the J Value method, previously applied to mass evacuation scenarios. The method empirically assesses expenditure of a safety scheme against the value of life and potential gains in life expectancy. The research paper, published in […]

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Bristol Professor awarded JSPS Fellowship

Professor Philip Thomas of the University of Bristol has been awarded a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) International Fellowship. The JSPS provides fellowship programmes for overseas researchers who have an excellent record of research achievements to conduct collaborative research, discussions, and opinion exchanges with researchers in Japan. The programmes are intended to […]

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Fukushima Secondary Health Effects Symposium

  • Tuesday 10th December
  • 2.30-5.15pm
  • David Smith Building, University of Bristol

Seminar Agenda

Talk 1: Professor Masahuaru Tsubokura, Fukushima Medical University. Evaluating Secondary health issues from the Fukushima Daiichi accident

Talk 2: Dr Ian Waddington, Analytic Eye. The J Value and the NREFS project: Management of Nuclear Risk Issues: Environmental, Financial and Safety

Talk 3: Dr Peter Martin University of Bristol. Environmental radiation mapping and robotics fieldwork in Japan

Talk 4: Professor Philip Thomas, University of Bristol. Why the most risk averse people sometimes take the riskiest decisions


Spaces for this seminar are limited so please register via this short form:

Eventbrite page

Speaker Biographies


Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura is a Specially Appointed Professor at the Department of Public Health in Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, he worked with local municipalities in Fukushima, and played an important role in the establishment of the internal radiation exposure screening programs for the local residents.

He is also a member of the committee on radiation protection and public health in Minamisoma and Soma Cities, and has actively sought to provide radiation seminars to the public, to respond to public worries about the effects of radiation exposure on health.





Professor Philip Thomas is Professor of Risk Management at the University of Bristol. He previously held a Chair in Engineering Development at City University, London.  He has published over 100 articles on control, instrumentation, nuclear decommissioning, risk assessment and economics.

His work in risk analysis and management, and particularly the J Value project, has excited the interest of the national and international press; his findings have been covered by both broadsheets and the popular press




Dr Peter Martin is a Research Associate in the Interface Analysis Centre at the University of Bristol.

His research spans a broad spectrum of nuclear materials, radiation detection/characterisation and sensor-based systems. Dr Martin has conducted a significant amount of fieldwork in Japan and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant investigating the evolving distribution of contamination as well as applying novel micro-analysis techniques.




Dr Ian Waddington is a Senior Software Engineer at Analytic Eye. Ian leads on the software support for the J-Value project, an innovative tool that assesses the cost-effectiveness of safety schemes for a wide range of industries.

The J Value is a core part of the NREFS project: Management of Nuclear Risk Issues: Environmental, Financial and Safety that assessed mass evacuation after a large nuclear accident such as that at Fukushima Daiichi against gains in life expectancy.

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UK VPF station article

Fatal flaws in UK Government’s price of a life

The measurement by which the UK Government attaches a monetary value to saving a human life is invalid and should be overhauled, according to Professor of Risk Management at the University of Bristol, Philip Thomas. In a new paper, published in the journal Measurement, Professor Thomas argues the UK Value of a Prevented Fatality or VPF is […]

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