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An overview of ONR Safeguards

Nuclear safeguards are measures to verify that countries comply with their international obligations not to use nuclear materials from their civil nuclear programmes to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Following the end of the post EU exit transition period, and the UK exiting Euratom on 31 December 2020, ONR is now the UK’s nuclear safeguards regulator, responsible for the domestic safeguards regime and operating the UK’s State System of Accountancy for and Control of Nuclear Materials (SSAC).

Over the last three years, ONR has worked with UK government, nuclear industry and other stakeholders to build the necessary capability and capacity to ensure that UK continues to meet its international safeguards obligations and play a lead role on the world stage to ensure that nuclear materials continue to be used for peaceful purposes.

We welcome you to a short presentation and a discussion on this important subject on the 27th January 2021 at 10:30am.


Mahtab Khan – ONR Safeguards Delivery Lead

Mahtab has worked in the nuclear industry and its regulation for nearly 20 years. As the Delivery Lead at ONR, he leads a team of around 30 safeguards specialists and consultants supporting safeguards implementation in the UK.

Alan Homer – ONR Safeguards Professional Lead

Alan has worked in the field of nuclear material accountancy, control and safeguards for 13 years. He is the Professional Lead for Safeguards at ONR.


Registration is free via the Institute of Physics website.



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IET conference: Nuclear engineering for safety, control and security

The UK Government’s £200m boost for the nuclear sector is centred on embracing innovation and cutting-edge technology. This is welcome news for the industry and exciting times. It’s not been known for its pace of change, but that seems set to alter.

Fully supported by the Regulator, Nuclear Engineering for safety, control and security has always addressed the challenges faced by those working in the sector. The mix of practical guidance for today’s issues and exploring new technology for future application has proved popular.

Workshops and shorter presentations provide real-world advice for C&I engineers, managers and safety specialists as well as students and those wanting to move into Nuclear.

Benefits of attending

  • An opportunity for you to question the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) in a less formal situation than an inspection. They are great supporters of this event and welcome the chance to talk to you there.
  • Aimed at control & instrumentation, design and systems engineers, safety case authors and managers, all talks will be relevant to you.
  • Technical sessions always give you practical advice for current challenges and make you consider what innovation is right for nuclear new build in the UK and globally.
  • Half day workshops encourage you to take part in discussions to learn more about important subjects.


Key speakers include:

Prof Barry Lennox

Director RAIN, University of Manchester

Dr Rob Buckingham

Director UKAEA, Head of RACE

Stuart Crooks

Managing Director HPC, EDF Energy


Civil Nuclear Sector Lead, National Cyber Security Centre

Neil Blundell

Principal Nuclear Inspector, ONR


Hub members are able to register at the IET member rate -please note this on the booking form if you are not an IET member . Contact members@southwestnuclearhub.ac.uk if you have any queries.

Conference registration

Member - £585
Non-member - £685

Workshop registration

Member - £140 per workshop
Non-member - £180 per workshop

Seminar registration

Member - £350
Non-member - £440

Group registration discount – full conference

Member - £527.50
Non-member - £617.50

All prices are per person and are subject to VAT at 20%.



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