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Evaluating Secondary health issues from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident

  • Tuesday 10th December, 6pm
  • Queens Building, University of Bristol
  • Speaker: Professor Masahuaru Tsubokura, Fukushima Medical University


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Talk Synopsis

Health issues accompanying radiation disasters are not limited to radiation exposure but multifaceted with changes in living and social environments. The most serious problem, during the early stages of the Fukushima accident, involved the health effects of evacuation, especially among elderly people. A shortage of human and material resources and the need to maintain an infrastructure were also problems.

In the medium and long term, there are various types of health issues to be considered, which include deterioration of the lifestyle diseases, psychological burden, decline in motor function, changes in medical system and treatment behavior, and increased nursing care. Many of these problems are considered as those which have arisen as a result of the lack of social support and changes in surrounding environment rather than thinking as an individual's own judgment or decision-making problem. Considering these various health risks in a well-balanced manner and taking long-term countermeasures are necessary after a nuclear accident.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura is a Specially Appointed Professor at the Department of Public Health in Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, he worked with local municipalities in Fukushima, and played an important role in the establishment of the internal radiation exposure screening programs for the local residents.

He is also a member of the committee on radiation protection and public health in Minamisoma and Soma Cities, and has actively sought to provide radiation seminars to the public, to respond to public worries about the effects of radiation exposure on health.

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Royal Society Research: Restatement of Radiation Health Effects

The Royal Society has published ‘A restatement of the natural science evidence base concerning the health effects of low-level ionizing radiation’, in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. This is a highly significant paper arising from the recent work of Sir John Beddington, the former Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science. […]

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