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Radiological Measurement and Modelling Workshop

Integrating measurements and atmospheric-dispersion modelling to enhance the UK response to radiological atmospheric releases


Both radiological measurements and atmospheric-dispersion modelling provide essential information following a radiological atmospheric release. They both have strengths and weaknesses. Integrating measurements and modelling will better characterise the source location, quantities of radionuclides released, and area impacted than using either measurement data or atmospheric-dispersion modelling outputs alone.

This one-day event aims to:

• Assess current strengths and limitations of measurements and modelling
• Present recent progress on integrating measurements and dispersion modelling for the dispersed Ru-106 plume over Europe in 2017 carried out by University of Bristol in conjunction with the Met Office
• Discuss what techniques are available to make optimum use of measurements and modelling
• Propose ideas for future developments in this area to enhance UK response to radiological atmospheric releases

The workshop intends to bring together those with roles using measurements and modelling during an emergency response to an atmospheric radiological release, such as: nuclear facility operators, government agencies, regulators, and measurement and modelling specialists.

The day will consist of presentations and time for discussions both within groups and over lunch and coffee/tea breaks. Details of the timetable and location for the day will follow.


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