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National Nuclear User Facility – Hot Robotics Town Hall Meeting

We would like to warmly invite you to our Town Hall Meeting to share with you an opportunity to become a participating user of a National Nuclear User Facility for ‘Hot Robotics’ (NNUF-HR). Funded by UKRI, this £7M facility will provide a significant opportunity for researchers to gain access to cutting-edge robotics equipment to support their research and development.

By coming to a meeting you will….

  • - Be first in the queue
  • - Help make sure we have the right facilities for you
  • - Learn how to access the equipment quickly, easily and at low cost

The day’s itinerary includes an introduction to the NNUF-HR by Professor Tom Scott from the University of Bristol and the lead on the Bristol NNUF-HR Project. The day will also include presentations from each of the NNUF regional nodes and will provide an opportunity for you to input your ideas and recommendations for equipment and capabilities that the facility will offer.


10.30: Arrival, registration, coffee

Introductory session

11.00: Welcome and opening remarks

11.15: Overview of the NNUF-HR – Professor Tom Scott

11:45: Overview of provisional equipment for the respective facilities

  1. RACE in Oxfordshire
  2. DCF/Workington in Cumbria
  3. Fenswood/BRL in Bristol

12.30: Discussion session 1 – Equipment and Capability

13.15: Lunch

14.00: Discussion session 2 – User access; coming in and loaning out

14:45:Feedback from the discussion groups

15:15: Close / networking


Please register for this event via the Eventbrite page:

Eventbrite page


Other Town Hall Meetings


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Bristol Technology Showcase

The Bristol Technology Showcase (BTS) is focused on emerging technologies and those themes encompassed in the 4th industrial revolution with a focus on how they will affect businesses and wider society as a whole.

The University of Bristol is a Gold Sponsor of this event and the South West Nuclear Hub will be exhibiting.

Event page
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Hub members win funding for new National Nuclear User Facilities

Several members of the South West Nuclear Hub have been awarded significant funding for four National Nuclear User Facility bids covering robotics, microscopy, radiochemistry and materials research. The National Nuclear User Facility (NNUF) was launched when HM Government’s announced its Nuclear Industrial Strategy in 2013. The aim of the NNUF is to provide the UK […]

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Bristol Robotics Laboratory Industry Open Day

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) will be showcasing its research and facilities in an industry open day. This is an opportunity for companies who are interested in Robotics and Autonomous Systems to come and hear from academics and PhD students about their research, see demonstrations of leading technologies, learn about the facilities available at the BRL and explore potential for collaborations.

The open day will have a range of activities on offer, including:

- 2 minute elevator pitches by researchers

- Poster presentations

- Demos

- Tours of the BRL

- Industry talks

- Networking lunch

The event is free to attend and open to any interested company.

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IET Lecture: Embodied cognition for human-robot interaction

Venue: 4Q56, UWE Frenchay

In the next decades robots will be used more and more in new application areas such us households, assisted living homes, and public spaces.

Furthermore, more collaborative robots will be used professionally in the future, for example by workers on factory floors and by operators in extreme and hazardous environments. This means that there will be a growing user base of people who will interact with robots on a regular basis, who have not been trained to use robots and who do not have the technical background to know how robotics technology works.

Researchers in Embodied Cognition for Human-Robot Interaction are investigating in the necessary cognitive skills for robots to interact with humans in a natural and socially appropriate way. The research in this field has two parts to it. On one hand, there is the technical challenge of designing complex robot architectures that combine software components for multimodal input recognition, decision making, and multimodal output generation with appropriate robot hardware. On the other hand, there is the challenge to study the human factors of human-robot interaction. What appearance should a robot have to support a given task? Should the robot show social behaviour when interacting with humans? How do humans perceive working together with robots depending on task context and application area?

In this talk, Dr Giuliani will give an overview of past and present research in Embodied Cognition for Human-Robot Interaction, showing its relevance to different application areas such us manufacturing, social interaction, and nuclear decommissioning. He will also attempt to look into the future of the field and discuss research questions that still need to be addressed.

Speaker:  Professor Manuel Giuliani

Manuel Giuliani is Professor in Embedded Cognitive AI for Robotics at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), University of the West of England, Bristol. At BRL, he leads the ECHOS group (Embodied Cognition for Human RObot InteractionS). He received a Master of Arts in computational linguistics from Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, a Master of Science, and a PhD in computer science from Technical University Munich. Currently, he is Co-Investigator on the EPSRC-funded projects NCNR (National Centre for Nuclear Robotics), RNE (Robotics for Nuclear Environments), and DigiTOP (Digital Toolkit for Optimisation of Operators and Technology in Manufacturing Partnerships). In the past, he worked on the European projects JAST (Joint Action Science and Technology), JAMES (Joint Action for Multimodal Embodied Social Systems), ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostician), the Cluster of Excellence CoTeSys (Cognition for Technical Systems), and the Austrian Christian-Doppler-Laboratory "Contextual Interfaces". Before going to Bristol, Manuel worked at the Technical University of Munich, fortiss GmbH in Munich, and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg, where he led the Human-Robot Interaction group.

His research interests include human-robot interaction, social robotics, natural language processing, multimodal fusion, multimodal output generation, augmented and virtual reality interfaces, and embedded cognitive robot architectures.

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power plant

Bristol researchers venture to the Chernobyl red forest

A multidisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Bristol, as part of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR), recently travelled to Chernobyl exclusion zone, 33 years after the nuclear accident at the power plant in Ukraine. The team carried out a series of radiation mapping surveys using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) including the […]

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Introduction To Robotics Workshop

Providing a practical introduction to the topic of industrial robotics, the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre has teamed up with engineers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory RIFBristol facility to deliver this two-day interactive workshop.

An overview of the current state of the robotics sector and a tour of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory will get you thinking about the opportunities robotics can present for your business. With your interest primed, the team will then guide you through some of the different approaches to selecting, implementing and operating robotic techonologies before getting 'hands on' with two different robot arms.

The practical tasks offer an insight into hardware and software options and introduce you to possible operating systems. With the chance, too, to question experienced technicians, this is a tangible opportunity to develop your understanding of how you could utilise robotics for the benefit of manufacturing, innovation and research.

With a basic grounding in the concepts, opportunities and operational considerations, you'll leave with the practical knowledge and increased confidence required to make informed decisions about the potential adoption of cutting-edge robotic technology in your business.


The Somerset Energy Innovation Centre is offering fully funded places on this expert workshop for eligible SME's. Contact Ben Powis for more details and to book your place: ben.powis@swmas.co.uk | 01278 767000.

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kuka arm

INTEGRAL – Remote-Operated Nuclear Waste Characterisation and Decontamination Management

Research Area: Waste and Fuel Management PI: Prof. Tom Scott Partners: TWI, ImiTec Ltd., National Centre for Nuclear Robotics Contact details: t.b.scott@bristol.ac.uk The Challenge The 2013 UK Radioactive Waste Management reports highlighted that the total volume of UK radioactive waste across NDA sites was ~165,000m3. The volume of future waste was forecast to be 4,330,000m3. […]

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IMechE: Robotics for Hazardous Environments

Robotic use in hazardous environments can help reduce risk to human operators and engineering equipment. The Robotics for Hazardous Environments seminar will explore the cutting-edge of robotic developments for harsh and hazardous working environments, and how engineering challenges can be addressed.

Gain insight into designing for locomotion, innovations in graspingsensing and manipulating objects, and the role of AI and autonomy in a robotic future. Learn make the most of developments in robotics for hazardous environments, including spacenuclearoffshoreconstructionaviationoil and gas industries.

Meet and discuss the growth of the UK robotics industry and the impact on end users, operators, maintenance engineers, robotics specialists, designers and manufacturers. Join our dedicated exhibition space shared with robotics experts from our co-located Robotics and Automation in Manufacturing seminar.

Key speakers include:

  • Lucy Martin, Head of Robotics, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
  • Abbie Hutty, Platform Delivery Manager, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Rustam Stolkin, Director, National Centre for Nuclear Robotics
  • James Kell, Technologist - In-Situ Repair, Rolls-Royce
  • Darren Potter, Capability Leader, Plant Intervention and Modelling – Nuclear Operations, National Nuclear Laboratory

For all further information and booking see http://events.imeche.org/ViewEvent?code=CMP6751

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New Project on Review of Nuclear Robotics Systems

The University of Bristol (UoB), in partnership with Thales UK and the University of the West of England (UWE), has been awarded funding for a project on “Approaches to Safety Critical Certification for RAI Systems”. This project has been funded by the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR) – one of the two UK nuclear robotics […]

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