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Integration of Safety and Cyber Security: Sharing experiences across industry sectors

What can Nuclear Engineering learn from other engineering sectors particularly other highly regulated ones such as Rail, Oil & Gas (and Aerospace)?

It’s important that engineering sectors collaborate to share best practices to overcome industry wide issues.  What could the Nuclear Industry learn from Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in the automotive sector.

Key engineering challenges are been highlighted by all the engineering sectors (e.g. demonstrating reliability of safety critical software).  These challenges are researched, developed with solutions then being implemented, but these issues and solution are not shared between the sectors.

For example, how could the railway industry provide key information on their safety procedures promulgating best practice.  How could drone technology be used to ensure our Nuclear facilities are maintained and adhere to strict safety/security standards.

What new engineering methods are being introduced into the UK in the various sectors and how can these new ideas be taken on board to advance all sectors including Nuclear Power.

This event will bring together leading engineering experts to share best practices from their engineering discipline that can be adapted to help advance the Nuclear industry.


Registration is via the IET website and it is free to attend.

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Nuclear Institute Host Innovation and Integration Conference in Bristol

The University of Bristol recently hosted another high-profile conference, building on the success of the NIA International Group Meeting in July.  The topic of security was on the agenda as the Nuclear Institute assembled around 90 civil and defence professionals to discuss the key themes of innovation and integration. There was also a small exhibition […]

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