University Hosts Reactor Engineering Seminar From AREVA

Dr Jean Dhers from AREVA gives a guest seminar on Nuclear Reactor Engineering

As part of the MSc Nuclear Science and Engineering programme Dr Jean Dhers from AREVA was invited to speak to students and visitors on the topic of Nuclear Reactor Design and Components Manufacturing.

This was arranged by the Solid Mechanics Research Group in the Faculty of Engineering.  The talk gave a fascinating insight into the latest nuclear technology and an applied view of the industry to students.

AREVA's role in the nuclear industry

AREVA designs and manufactures equipment and fuel for nuclear reactors, and supply to major new build companies such as EDF Energy. For example they are involved in the Hinkley Point C Project in Somerset, where they will design and supply two nuclear steam supply systems and well as instrumentation and control systems.

Dr Dhers is Research & Development International Collaborations Manager for AREVA.

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