Water Jetting Training Academy join Hub Innovation Network

The South West Nuclear Hub is pleased to welcome the Water Jetting Training Academy Ltd to its Innovation Network.

The Water Jetting Training Academy Ltd (WJTA) is a member of the ASL Group Ltd. This is a long established (and growing collection of companies) with a history of providing solutions into the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Utilities, Marine, Power Generation, Nuclear & Haulage Industries. The ASL Group is able to provide a complete spade to spade solution to clients both in the UK and Middle East - through our wholly owned operating hub in the GCC.

The WJTA itself has purpose built COVID Secure training facilities, both in the North East and South of the United Kingdom – plus in the United Arab Emirates.

The company delivers Water Jetting Association (WJA) Approved City & Guilds of London Institute Accredited courses - amongst a range of others. WJA courses are uniformly recognised as setting industry standards for high-pressure water jetting training with worldwide acceptance of “Best Practice” from the long evolved Codes of Practice on which the WJA courses are based.

The ASL Group is active in R&D activities surrounding the improvement in efficiencies of heat transfer equipment through in-house design teams within their member companies of Poole Process Equipment Ltd (UK) and Poole Process Equipment LLC (UAE).

In addition, coordinated R&D activities concerning the application of high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting techniques and methods are undertaken by combining the resources of ASL PowerStream Services Ltd and the Water Jetting Training Academy Ltd. The breadth of industry experience that can be called upon for such developmental activities across these two group members totals more than eight decades.

The ASL Group’s R&D activities, across all its organisational functions, are driven by Dr Robert Kennedy - Head of Research & Development and Training. 

Through the Water Jetting Training Academy (WJTA), the ASL Group Ltd is committed to developing both novel and innovative solutions to a range of current and emerging issues for the nuclear industry (in both the industry’s projected growth and ongoing decommissioning operations in the UK & Worldwide).

This is being done through the evolution of high-pressure water jetting techniques and technologies. From the Group’s ongoing efforts, there is significant scope for the evolutionary offerings currently being studied and explored by the Water Jetting Training Academy to bring significant benefits for the nuclear industry in the emerging worldwide carbon-controlled future.


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Dr Robert Kennedy, Head of Research & Development and Training of the ASL Group.

Email: robert.kennedy@bristol.ac.uk

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