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NuFor 2021 Nuclear Forensics Conference

Nuclear Forensics directly supports national nuclear security and is reliant upon access to expertise from right across the nuclear industry, academia and beyond. Many people from a diverse range of disciplines have experience and knowledge that could be invaluable to Nuclear Forensics, which by sharing will help support this exciting and important scientific field.

NuFor (Nuclear Forensics) is a 2-day technical conference aiming to bring together experts from academia, industry and government to share developments in the field of Nuclear Forensics to a wider audience. The conference aims to highlight the work done throughout industry and academia that can be used to support national nuclear security, as well as promoting the exchange of information and good practice between those already involved in nuclear forensics and other specialists who could provide wider value to the Nuclear Forensics community.


Early registration deadline: 31st August 2021

Registration deadline: 1st October 2021

Conference website

This event is being organised by the IOP Materials and Characterisation Group.


  • Analytical Techniques:
    Method and capability development, new techniques, sub-sampling and sample preparation, comparative analysis
  • Data Analysis and Statistics:
    Data analysis, treatment of uncertainties, software/tool/capability development, assessment methodologies/decision science
  • Environmental Science:
    Environmental sampling, geolocation, in-situ analysis
  • Materials and Processing:
    Chemical impurities & speciation, physical properties of materials, material ageing effects (empirical), process development/optimisation, effects of process parameters on product, process & flowsheet modelling
  • Modelling and Simulation:
    Spent Fuel/Reactor modelling, enrichment modelling, material ageing effects (simulation)
  • Radiochemistry:
    Radiological Analysis, analytical radiochemistry, age dating, radioisotope fingerprinting
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Materials science research celebrated at student conference

The latest research in materials science was on display in Bristol where PhD students gathered with their academic and AWE industrial sponsors for a two-day conference. To celebrate the achievements of participating researchers prizes were on offer for the best presentation and poster. Judges assessed all of the talks given during the conference programme, as […]

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