Ada Mode joins Hub Innovation Network

AI and data science experts Ada Mode have become the latest member of the South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network.

Ada Mode is an industrial AI & advanced data science company. They make industrial plants, energy networks and manufacturing systems greener, safer & more efficient through artificial intelligence, data science, engineering expertise and design thinking.

In terms of the nuclear industry, Ada Mode’s technology is used to ensure power stations operate as safely and as efficiently as possible. They have developed advanced machine learning solutions to optimise reactor performance, reduce outage duration, reduce plant emissions, and predict and prevent adverse process faults.

Jack Lewis of Ada Mode said:

"We are really pleased to join the South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network and to support the growth and adoption of cutting edge technology in the region. With the development of major nuclear new build projects, new SMR technology and the challenges of defueling and decommissioning, now is a really exciting time for the industry and there is huge benefit to be had from the adoption of AI and advanced data science technology.

We are looking forward to working with the South West Nuclear Hub to support organisations in embracing AI and to become greener, safe and more efficient".

Find out more about Ada Mode's work in the nuclear industry here.

South West Nuclear Hub Innovation Network Membership

Innovation Network membership is aimed at companies seeking to enter the nuclear technology development pipeline, e.g. offering knowledge transfer. Principally spin-outs, start-ups, SMEs and sector-jumpers.

There is no cost to join the Innovation Network, but proactive engagement is expected upon signing the agreement. Members in this tier can progress into the Applied Research membership category when collaborative projects and deeper engagement are initiated. Here, members can choose an incremental, (capped) project-based fee or an upfront flat rate.

Find out more on our Membership page or view the Innovation Network Brochure

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